About Us-South West Children, Adolescent & Family Services

About Us-South West Children, Adolescent & Family Services

About Us


South West Child, Adolescent & Family Services (CAFS) was incorporated as an association on 31st May 1993.

We are a friendly community-based organisation located in Green Valley. Our overarching primary goal is to prevent the breakdown of family units by supporting families during their most difficult times. Our aim is to provide professional, high quality services at no cost to the community.

CAFS also has a strong commitment to community development, community action and community advocacy.


CAFS Facilities

CAFS has three counselling rooms, two children’s counselling play rooms and a conference room where staff are able to conduct meetings, presentations and other group work.

CAFS Clinical Team

Collectively, our clinical team consists of a ‘Psychological Team’ and a ‘Family Support Team’. Both teams work closely when assisting clients. At CAFS we are proud of our cultural diversity and bilingual staff.

Organisation Structure


CAFS Funding

CAFS is auspiced by the Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ). From time to time we may receive other funding through grants. Our funding permits us to provide counselling and other case management support free of charge to the public.