About Us

South  West  Child, Adolescent and Family Services Association- CAFS Inc was incorporated as an Association on the 31st May 1993.

CAFS is a community based organisation. The management of the organisation is overseen by a Board of Management consisting of residents, workers and/or students from local government areas in which services are delivered.

CAFS was formed because there was a need for a collaboration of services, which were casework focused. It was felt that this would develop good casework practice, counselling services and would allow for services to be available in one organisation as well as allow for the expansion of these services when funding permitted.  

The Board formalised a Manager position for CAFS in 1994. While the Manager  is directly responsible to the Board, it is  the responsibility of the Manager to oversee the day to day management of services.

Through a variety of funding bodies, CAFS has been able to provide disability groups, enhanced services for the OOSH program which after evaluation became independent, and parenting classes for parents with children under 2 years. CAFS has also run anger management groups through funding from the John Edmondson VC Memorial Club and other clubs but this ceased when funding did, an ongoing group for people with disabilities continues weekly and since the inception of these groups in 1999 we have have reached over 3,000 people.

In any  week the organisation is offering services to well over 200 families and is in contact with over 300 individuals. Services are for the most part free. We constantly evaluate our services to ensure we are delivering what clients request and funding bodies demand.

CAFS aim is to continue to provide professional, high quality services and where possible at no cost to the community.  CAFS also has a strong commitment to community development, community action and community advocacy.